At NO extra charge to you, Smolich Motors' Exclusive Lifetime Limited Engine Warranty is just one of the many benefits of purchasing a vehicle from one of our four locations. This benefit provides extended warranty coverage for every pre-owned vehicle that is within the last 8 model years and under 100,000 miles.
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Used Cars for Sale in Bend

Close your eyes for a minute and image what "dream car" you'd want in your driveway. If it's a new award-winning XC60, a bold XC90, a luxurious S60, or any other new Volvo, we can help. As a trusted, certified Volvo dealership serving the Bend area, we are specialists in making our customers' dreams come true. When you visit our website or stop in to see the inventory in person, you will notice that we have a large, ever-changing selection of vehicles to choose from. With fresh cars in stock to explore and a friendly staff waiting to help you out, we hope you'll let us help find your dream car.

Benefits of Buying New Cars

When you decide that it's time to buy a new car, you can either get one that is pre-owned or new. If you are looking for a vehicle that has certain features, like a sunroof or leather seats, or if you can't picture yourself driving anything but a custom-painted car with signature details, then you are a good candidate for buying a new car. With a new car, you have many options for creating a customized look to ensure you have a car that has everything your heart desires.

If you've ever owned a new car in the past, you know that the feeling of joy that comes with stepping into a clean, pristine new car with many miles left on the odometer. You also know that a new car comes loaded with all the latest in safety amenities and cutting-edge technology. If you've been waiting to get more standard safety features, you have a perfect reason to get yourself a new car. Or maybe you have been holding out for a bigger touchscreen or improved audio system on the latest Volvo. Perhaps you want your XC60 to have a Premium package or a Multimedia package to enhance your sound system. Either way, you will have full range to design your Volvo down to the last detail.

Along with being able to customize your vehicle, buying a car new means that you will get protection through a warranty. While most new cars do not have to undergo major repairs for at least a few years after they roll off the assembly line, it is always nice to have the assurance of a warranty in case something does go wrong. You can customize a warranty to extend its lifespan too, which gives you added confidence about driving away in a new vehicle from our lot.

Quality New Cars

Even if you're not buying a used car, which generally has a greater need for a pre-purchase inspection to make sure it is in good shape, you can leave our lot with full confidence knowing that we carefully inspect every vehicle, including new cars, before they are sold to our customers. Even new cars run the risk of suffering damage from being transported to our dealership for sale. Therefore, we take extra precautions to make sure that the car you leave with is one we would be comfortable taking home ourselves.

For many people, buying a new car is an exciting milestone. After all, who doesn't dream of having that "new car" smell greet them every time they leave the home, and having envious drivers stare at them on the road? If you're ready to test drive or purchase a new Volvo, let us help meet your needs. With a customer-oriented staff, we are here to make our customers happy. We proudly serve drivers in Redmond, Powell Butte, and Sisters, OR, get detailed directions to our Volvo dealership in Bend and stop by for a Test Drive today!

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