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Why Have Your Next Oil Change at Smolich Volvo?

While we know that it often seems more convenient to just "pop over" to the garage closest to you on your lunch break for an oil change, we recommend that you don't. Why? The service center here at Smolich Volvo is efficient, tidy and professional.

"But this other place seems fine," you might be thinking. Let's look at some of the benefits of taking your Volvo to Smolich Volvo for routine maintenance.

First of all, our automotive technicians specialize in Volvo vehicles, and can often spot trouble before it grows into a bigger problem. While you might bring your vehicle in for something simple-like an oil change-we might find that there is another problem which can be addressed with a small fix, saving you big money down the road. We also offer a  maintenance menu helping to keep you aware of upcoming necessary maintenance on your vehicle. 

Secondly, if there is an additional repair needed, we carry genuine Volvo parts and can quickly get you back out on the road with the minimal amount of fuss. Other service centers will have to order the parts needed which can require another trip to the garage a few days later.

Thirdly, routine maintenance such as an oil change at Smolich Volvo, isn't necessarily more expensive. Some people assume that it would be, but call around and you may be surprised. We also offer service specials which will save you even more money.

These are just a few reasons why you may want to consider our service center for your next oil change or other maintenance or repair need. Need more? Check out our other benefits of dealership service. We're located conveniently right here in Bend, OR, and look forward to serving you soon.

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