Used Volvo Deals in Bend, OR

At Smolich Volvo our team is exceptionally proud in our ability to offer you the best selection of used cars around. With each used Volvo hand-picked by our staff you are assured optimum quality and premium satisfaction with your motor vehicle.

In addition to a wide variety of quality used Volvo vehicles, Smolich Volvo is also the host to a wide array of vehicle service specials. Be sure to take advantage of our current automotive service special as soon as possible because our featured service special rotates frequently to ensure that new and returning customers can take advantage of every offer we have to give. Call or visit Smolich Volvo to find out what lucrative automotive service special is being offered today.

Why Buy a Used Car?

Many assume when they hear the term "used car" that the vehicle in question will be battered or weathered from time, but this is simply not true. In fact, the very moment that a new vehicle rolls off of the sales lot it depreciates significantly because it is at that point technically considered "used".

That being said, there are many obvious and not so obvious advantages to buying used cars that we like to make sure all of our potential customers know about in order to get you the best deal for the best price. Those advantages include but are not limited to:

  • Lower overall prices. Due to the value a vehicle receives after rolling off the lot we are able to sell our vehicles for lower prices. Whether you decide to lease, finance, or pay outright, saving a dollar--or in this case, thousands of dollars--is always a good thing.
  • Lower monthly payments. Most consumers either lease or find financing for their motor vehicles, and in today's automotive market that's not a bad thing. With lower monthly payments and an overall lower balance you have the option of paying off your loan early or using the extra money towards other things.
  • Falling registration fees and lower sales tax. In some states, registration costs are incremental to the overall net value of the vehicle. A newer vehicle will cost you more to register yearly, or bi-yearly (depending on your state), and the sales tax applied to the purchase of a used vehicle is significantly less than the sales tax applied to any new vehicle.
  • Get a better car for the same price. Used cars give you more options, and ultimately a better car for your money. A new base model car may not actually outrank a premium model used car in terms of mechanical performance, interior/exterior aesthetics, and overall design and performance.

Quality Used Cars

At Smolich Volvo every vehicle is thoroughly inspected inside and out before going up for sale. Our knowledgeable team of mechanics and salespeople possess the capability, know-how, and passion necessary to ensure that each Volvo that goes up for sale in our lot is of quality in every way. Why not enjoy lowered prices and premium quality? The two traits don't oftentimes go together.

Call or visit Smolich Volvo today to test drive a used Volvo. Select used cars are being sold with special deals as well; be sure to inquire about which of our Volvo's are included. No appointment necessary.