Volvo S90 Momentum Trim Overview

What’s not to love about the latest Volvo S90? The Momentum S90 is possibly the best option if you want comfort, convenience, and horsepower. The S90 Momentum offers a four-cylinder turbocharged engine for the ultimate pickup while still maintaining decent fuel economy as well. In fact, Volvo has achieved some of the highest EPA estimates with the S90. You’ll get over 30 mpg on the highway with the Momentum trim.

In addition, there are a few new updates and upgrades to the S90 Momentum trim. This model includes all of the technology upgrades, such as blind spot monitoring, lane departure assist, fog lamps, automatic parking assist, and keyless start. You’ll love using the back-up camera with this large LCD display so that you get it right every time.

It’s so much safer in a new, modern vehicle. Why not test drive the S90 Momentum today? You can find the best specials on Volvo cars at Smolich Volvo Cars.



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