Personalize Your Driving Experience in the Volvo S60

In the new Volvo S60, you don't have to settle for a boring ride. The admired luxury compact sedan is a versatile vehicle that can be personalized to meet your unique driving needs.

The S60 is available to Bend, OR drivers at Smolich Volvo Cars with multiple drive mode settings. This feature comes standard on many configurations. A small metal wheel on the center console lets you effortlessly cycle through modes. There are up to five modes you can choose from. These include Comfort, Eco, Individual, and Dynamic. An off-road mode is also included on Volvo S60 models with all-wheel-drive.

Each mode has distinct performance settings that can change the way the car responds to the road. Switching to a different mode will cause the engine and transmission to perform differently, effectively changing the way the car feels. Also, the available air suspension system will make adjustments to provide a smoother ride whenever you're in Comfort and Off-road modes.

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