Lease a New Volvo and Enjoy Driving Nirvana in Bend, OR

Ah, the hard work is over: you’ve found the Volvo that fits you perfectly. Now there is just one more thing to do, make your purchase.

But wait: are you sure you want to buy this new car or SUV? Have you considered an auto lease? This might be the perfect option for you. We explore many of the benefits of leasing a Volvo on our site.

Volvo leasing makes it so convenient to get into the car or SUV that you have your heart set on. And leasing a vehicle general means that you get “more bang for your buck.” Why? Because when you lease, you’re often able to choose a more expensive option for less of a monthly payment.

That’s just one of the benefits of leasing, but there are many others. Stop in soon and we’ll tell you all about them here at Smolich Volvo. We would enjoy showing you around our dealership here in Bend, OR, where we offer a number of different new Volvo vehicles and pre-owned inventory.

Our finance rates are competitive and you’re sure to find the auto lease that works best for you and your unique circumstances right here at our dealership.

Categories: New Inventory, Finance
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